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TOS Organogram

The Orchid School Management Structure –Organogram - is democratic, participative and two -way process oriented. The overriding objective is to create an effective work team which would decide upon policies and procedures.>The structure allows the members of the school community to continually expand capabilities, participate in decision making processes at different levels, clarify vision and improve their organization’s immediate environment.

Building shared vision, encouraging personal mastery and creating leadership that facilitates the growth process are central to our organizational processes. The Orchid School Management Structure –Organogram - is democratic, participative and two -way process oriented. The overriding objective is to create an effective work team which would decide upon policies and procedures. The structure allows the members of the school community to continually expand capabilities, participate in decision making processes at different levels, clarify vision and improve their organization’s immediate environment. Building shared vision, encouraging personal mastery and creating leadership that facilitates the growth process are central to our organizational processes.



The society running the school has a critical and key-role to play in providing a good and healthy climate to the school, to fulfill its aims and objectives, to enable the staff provide quality education and to be a centre for education excellence. PNES has 14 members – bureaucrats and entrepreneurs of whom 2 are nominated for the school as Board representatives.


The school managing committee governs and guides and decides broad policies related to school’s philosophy, programme and approach. 
It is an officially constituted body approved by the Board of Trustees. The School Managing Committee consists of the following members.
1. Representatives nominated by the Board. (Ex-Officio Members)
2. Director.
3. Principal.
4. Heads of Primary, Middle, Secondary, Sr-Secondary and Administration Sections.
5. Coordinators.
6. Two representatives from the staff.
7. Two parents of students in the school.
8. Two student representatives from the school.
9. Two educationists to be nominated by the Society.



The school core committee governs and guides, decides and implements policies made by the managing committee and over sees day -to -day running of the school. It is an officially constituted body approved by the Board of Trustees. All role-holders are members of this committee. This committee supervises the activity of the school for its smooth functioning. It works in accordance with the specific directions given by the Society regarding all school policy matters. It acts as bridge between the Society, Managing committee and the School. This is also a training ground for leadership, current and future. Thus, every year 4 members from the team TOS volunteer to sit in outer circle as observers of the process and from this 2 are nominated for the committee. They have one year tenure to participate in all processes governing the school management on day to day basis.


Sangeeta Kapoor Principal

Sangeeta Kapoor

About Me

M.Sc. ( Chemistry) specialized in Drugs, B.Ed. sangeetakapoor@theorchidschool.org


Atreyi Saha Vice Principal

Atreyi Saha

About Me

B.Com, B.Ed. atreyisaha@theorchidschool.org


Amarpreet Kotkar Unit Head - Primary

Amarpreet Kotkar

About Me

B.C.S, M.P.M, Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Diploma amarpreetkotkar@theorchidschool.org

Divya Bhatnagar Unit Head - Secondary and Sr. Secondary

Divya Bhatnagar

About Me

M.Sc, B.Ed, MBA divyabhatnagar@theorchidschool.org

Matin Sheikh Administration

Matin Sheikh

About Me


Saideep Kavidi IT Head

Saideep Kavidi

About Me


Sonali Khambete Unit Head - Middle School

Sonali Khambete

About Me

M.Sc, B.Ed. sonalikhambete@theorchidschool.org


Anu Pazhayannur Projects and Events - Lead SSS Domain

Anu Pazhayannur

About Me


Pallabi Mohapatra Coordinator - Primary

Pallabi Mohapatra

About Me

B.C.A, M.B.A , B.Ed. pallabimohapatra@theorchidschool.org

Parag Sonawane Coordinator - Fine Arts

Parag Sonawane

About Me

Art Teacher Diploma ,paragsonawane@theorchidschool.org

Sanjukta Sen Coordinator - Sr. Secondary

Sanjukta Sen

About Me

M.A, D.Ed, B.Ed. sanjuktasen@theorchidschool.org

Shaily Bhatt Coordinator - Middle School

Shaily Bhatt

About Me



Bhairavnath Godase Accounts Incharge

Bhairavnath Godase

About Me

M.COM, MBA, GD&CA, DTL bhairavgodase@theorchidschool.org

Shirley Fernandes Assistant Administrator

Shirley Fernandes

About Me

B.Com, MBA,Diploma in French shirleyfernandes@theorchidschool.org


Aarti Nerkar Teacher - Secondary

Aarti Nerkar

About Me

Informatics Practices Faculty aartinerkar@theorchidschool.org

Aditi Landage Teacher - Middle school

Aditi Landage

About Me

Marathi Teacher aditilandage@theorchidschool.org

Amol Shinde Senior Administrator

Amol Shinde

About Me

SSC amolshinde@theorchidschool.org

Anagha Phadtare Teacher - Primary

Anagha Phadtare

About Me

Primary teacher

Anil Kokate Teacher - Physical Education

Anil Kokate

About Me

B.A, B.Ed.(PHYSICAL EDUCATION) anilkokate@theorchidschool.org

Ankita Kharat Lab Assistant - Chemistry

Ankita Kharat

About Me

Chemistry Lab Assistant ankitakharat@theorchidschool.org

Aparna Bapat Teacher - Primary

Aparna Bapat

About Me

Primary Teacher

Archana Mankar Teacher - Sr. Secondary

Archana Mankar

About Me


Arti Gawade Support Staff

Arti Gawade

About Me

SSC artigawade@theorchidschool.org

Ashish Sunderraj Teacher - Western Vocal Music

Ashish Sunderraj

About Me

Western Vocal Music & Computer Teacher

Ashwini Ukirde Teacher - Arts

Ashwini Ukirde

About Me


Balasaheb Zori Support Staff

Balasaheb Zori

About Me

SSC Driver balasahebzori@theorchidschool.org

Bibhishan Toradmal Technical Assistant

Bibhishan Toradmal

About Me

Technical Assistant in the IT department

Chaitali Savala Teacher - Primary

Chaitali Savala

About Me

Primary teacher

Chanchal Gurung Teacher - Primary

Chanchal Gurung

About Me

Primary teacher

Chanchal Kasat Teacher - Primary

Chanchal Kasat

About Me


Chandrani Dam Teacher - Middle school

Chandrani Dam

About Me

English and SST chandranidam@theorchidschool.org

Chetan Medhe Support Staff

Chetan Medhe

About Me

S.S.C Peon chetanmedhe@theorchidschool.org

Deepak Mhapankar Assistant Librarian

Deepak Mhapankar

About Me

M.A., M.Lib. deepakmhapankar@theorchidschool.org

Deepali Kumbhar Teacher - Sr. Secondary

Deepali Kumbhar

About Me


Duhita Deshmukh Creative Writer and Website Manager

Duhita Deshmukh

About Me

duhitadeshmukh@theorchidschool.org Creative Writer for Website & Social Media - Part Time

Ganesh Bojji Teacher - Percussion

Ganesh Bojji

About Me

Djembe Instructor ganeshbojji@theorchidschool.org

Gauri Kore Support Staff

Gauri Kore

About Me

SSC gaurikore@theorchidschool.org

Gayatri Patil Lab Assistant - Biology

Gayatri Patil

About Me


Geeta Dhiradkar Support Staff

Geeta Dhiradkar

About Me

BA geetadhiradkar@theorchidschool.org

Geetha Nair Teacher - Sr. Secondary

Geetha Nair

About Me


Harshada Zori Support Staff

Harshada Zori

About Me

Support staff

Harshada Nemade Teacher - Primary

Harshada Nemade

About Me

Assistant Teacher

Jacquelin Pawar Teacher - Primary

Jacquelin Pawar

About Me


Jayashri Samudra Teacher - Secondary

Jayashri Samudra

About Me

Bachelor of Engineering in Computers from Mumbai University jayashrisamudra@theorchidschool.org

Jyotsna Kaul Teacher - Middle school

Jyotsna Kaul

About Me

SST and English jyotsanakaul@theorchidschool.org

Kalyani Khedekar Teacher - Secondary

Kalyani Khedekar

About Me

M.A, B.Ed. kalyanikhedekar@theorchidschool.org

Katyayini Mathur Teacher - Dance

Katyayini  Mathur

About Me


Kavita Bedekar Special Educator

Kavita Bedekar

About Me

Counsellor kavitabedekar@theorchidschool.org

Kavita Ranpise Support Staff

Kavita Ranpise

About Me


Kunal Magar Front Office Incharge

Kunal Magar

About Me

Graduate Office Administrator kunalmagar@theorchidschool.org

Madhuri Saraswat Teacher - Primary

Madhuri Saraswat

About Me

D.PHARM, BA, B.ED madhurisaraswat@theorchidschool.org

Manali Sheth Language Program Teacher

Manali Sheth

About Me


Manisha Shinde Support Staff

Manisha Shinde

About Me

Support staff

Manjusha Chhatre Teacher - Middle school

Manjusha Chhatre

About Me

B.Sc, B.Ed, MA(Sanskrit), DMLT(Pathology) manjushachhatre@theorchidschool.org

Meenal Ghanekar Music Teacher

Meenal  Ghanekar

About Me

Music Teacher-Part Time

Meenal Narvekar Teacher - Primary

Meenal Narvekar

About Me

Language Program Expert (Primary domain )

Monalisa Kar Counselor

Monalisa Kar

About Me


Monika Gupte Teacher - Secondary

Monika Gupte

About Me

MA, B.Ed. monikagupte@theorchidschool.org

Namita Hargudkar Teacher - Primary

Namita  Hargudkar

About Me

Assistant Teacher

Naveena Basu Teacher - Middle school

Naveena Basu

About Me

English & SST Teacher

Neelam Narbariya Teacher - Secondary

Neelam Narbariya

About Me

Maths teacher neelamnarbariya@theorchidschool.org

Neha Shrivastava Teacher - Secondary

Neha Shrivastava

About Me

M.Sc, B.Ed, Pursuing MA nehashrivastava@theorchidschool.org

Nikhil Kadam Technical Assistant

Nikhil Kadam

About Me


Nutan Chaudhary Teacher - Secondary

Nutan Chaudhary

About Me

MA, M.Phil, B.Ed nutanchaudhary@theorchidschool.org

Nutan Pawal Support Staff

Nutan Pawal

About Me

B.A. nutanpawal@theorchidschool.org

Parag Tambe Teacher - Secondary

Parag Tambe

About Me

Maths Teacher paragtambe@theorchidschool.org

Pooja Bhavsar NURSE

Pooja Bhavsar

About Me

School Nurse poojabhavsar@theorchidschool.org

Pragati Babel Special Educator

Pragati Babel

About Me


Prakash Salvi Security Guard

Prakash Salvi

About Me

ssc prakashsalvi@theorchidschool.org

Prasad More Physical Education Trainer

Prasad More

About Me

Physical Education Teacher

Prashant Shinde Account Assistant

Prashant Shinde

About Me

B.COM Junior Clerk - Accounts prashantshinde@theorchidschool.org

Priti Rane Teacher - Primary

Priti Rane

About Me

Hindi Teacher-Primary domain

Priya Bhargava Teacher - Secondary

Priya Bhargava

About Me

Physics Faculty priyabhargava@theorchidschool.org

Priyanka Salagare Wholesome Wellness Coordinator

Priyanka Salagare

About Me

BA, MA, PGDC priyankasalagare@theorchidschool.org

Purva Gangrade Teacher - Middle school

Purva Gangrade

About Me

M.Sc, B.Ed purvagangrade@theorchidschool.org

Rajeswari Srikrishnan Teacher - Primary

Rajeswari  Srikrishnan

About Me

Primary Teacher

Ramakant Kore Support Staff

Ramakant Kore

About Me

F.Y.B.A Peon ramakantkore@theorchidschool.org

Reena Bhonagiri Special Educator

Reena Bhonagiri

About Me

Consultant-Special Educator reenabhonagiri@theorchidschool.org

Reeny George Teacher - Middle school

Reeny George

About Me

B. Com., B.Ed. reenygeorge@theorchidschool.org

Richa Joshi Teacher - Middle school

Richa Joshi

About Me

Maths and Science Teacher richajoshi@theorchidschool.org

Rinku Goyal Teacher

Rinku Goyal

About Me

M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed. rinkugoyal@theorchidschool.org

Roshni Hiwale Office Administrator

Roshni Hiwale

About Me

Admissions and Office Administrator roshnihiwale@theorchidschool.org

Rucha Ganjiwale Teacher

Rucha Ganjiwale

About Me


Rupali Kalamkar Support Staff

Rupali Kalamkar

About Me

SSC rupalikalamkar@theorchidschool.org

Rupali Jain Support Staff

Rupali Jain

About Me

SSC rupalijain@theorchidschool.org

Rupali Jagtap Teacher - Primary

Rupali Jagtap

About Me


Rutika Bhatkhande Teacher - Secondary and Sr. Secondary

Rutika Bhatkhande

About Me

Teacher in the Secondary & Senior Secondary domain

Sagar Jadhav Teacher - Arts

Sagar Jadhav

About Me


Sagorika Chaurasiya Teacher - Primary

Sagorika Chaurasiya

About Me


Sahadev Londhe Support Staff

Sahadev Londhe

About Me

Non Matric Gardener sahadevlondhe@theorchidschool.org

Sangeeta Shukla Teacher - Secondary and Sr. Secondary

Sangeeta  Shukla

About Me


Sanjay Gaikwad Lab Assistant - Physics

Sanjay Gaikwad

About Me

H.S.C. sanjaygaikwad@theorchidschool.org

Sanjeevani Salve Support Staff

Sanjeevani Salve

About Me

HSC sanjeevanisalve@theorchidschool.org

Savita Jagtap Support Staff

Savita Jagtap

About Me

HSC savitajagtap@theorchidschool.org

Savita Zori Support Staff

Savita Zori

About Me

SSC savitazori@theorchidschool.org

Savita Godase Math & Composite Laboratory Assistant

Savita Godase

About Me

savitagodase@theorchidschool.org B.Sc, B.Ed and Masters Degree in Biotechnology & Education

Sayee Sathe Teacher - Dance

Sayee Sathe

About Me


Seeta Sonawane Support Staff

Seeta Sonawane

About Me

Non Matric seetasonawane@theorchidschool.org

Sharad Jedgule Security Guard

Sharad Jedgule

About Me

SSC sharadjedgule@theorchidschool.org

Sharmistha Biswas Teacher - Middle school

Sharmistha Biswas

About Me

Maths & Science Teacher

Shilpa Ghadge Teacher - Secondary

Shilpa Ghadge

About Me

B.E. (Elect and Telecom) shilpaghadge@theorchidschool.org

Shilpa Padwal Accountant

Shilpa Padwal

About Me

B.COM shilpapadwal@theorchidschool.org

Shital Deshpande Teacher - Marathi

Shital Deshpande

About Me


Shital Pawal Technical Assistant

Shital Pawal

About Me

Technical assistant shitalpawal@theorchidschool.org

Shitu Sahare Teacher - Middle school

Shitu Sahare

About Me

M.A, B.Ed shitusahare@theorchidschool.org

Shivani Acharya Teacher - Secondary

Shivani  Acharya

About Me

Part Time Psychology Teacher shivaniacharya@theorchidschool.org

Shivganga Humnabadkar Teacher - Secondary

Shivganga Humnabadkar

About Me

Accountancy & Economics Teacher

Shubham Kute Support Staff

Shubham Kute

About Me

HSC shubhamkute@theorchidschool.org

Simran Swami Teacher - Secondary

Simran Swami

About Me

Maths & Science Teacher-Middle School

Smita Nanal Training Incharge

Smita Nanal

About Me


Steffi Thomas Teacher - Middle school

Steffi Thomas

About Me

English & SST Teacher

Suchita Jachak Physical Education Trainer

Suchita Jachak

About Me

Physical Education Teacher

Sudisha Shingare Teacher - Marathi

Sudisha Shingare

About Me

sudishashingare@theorchidschool.org Primary Domain Marathi Teacher

Sujata Gawade Library Head

Sujata Gawade

About Me

B.Lib., M.A.( English Literature ); B.Sc. sujatagawade@theorchidschool.org

Sumedha Sood Teacher - Primary

Sumedha Sood

About Me

M.A, B.Ed. sumedhasood@theorchidschool.org

Sunil Hode Stores Administrator

Sunil Hode

About Me


Sunitha Namoodiri Teacher - Primary

Sunitha Namoodiri

About Me

Assistant Teacher

Suparna Maity Teacher - Middle school

Suparna Maity

About Me

Maths and Science Teacher suparnamaity@theorchidschool.org

Supriya Thorat NURSE

Supriya Thorat

About Me


Surekha Kale Support Staff

Surekha Kale

About Me

SSC surekhakale@theorchidschool.org

Susmita Patnaik Teacher - Middle school

Susmita Patnaik

About Me

Maths and Science faculty susmitapatnaik@theorchidschool.org

Uttam Gurav Safety & Security Officer

Uttam Gurav

About Me

Safety & Security Officer

Vaishali Bhadiragey Support Staff

Vaishali Bhadiragey

About Me

Support Staff

Vikrant Parhar Teacher - Percussion

Vikrant Parhar

About Me

BCS(Bachelor of Computer Science), Tabla Visharad vikrantparhar@theorchidschool.org

Vishal Kamble Security Guard

Vishal Kamble

About Me

HSC vishalkamble@theorchidschool.org

Yashada Dixit Counselor

Yashada Dixit

About Me