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Orchid In News
Craft Activity at The Orchid School with parents for Class II.
The Orchid School always believes that involving parents in a child's learning activities helps to enhance the learning benefits. This craft activity was integrated with the concept of patterns in Math and students loved creating beautiful 'Torans' with their parents.
TOS students actively volunteer during the Maharashtra State Elections
The Orchid School students as volunteers during the state elections in Maharashtra had a unique learning experience, thereby understanding the importance of voting in any Democracy. . Sakal Times - Oct 22nd 2019
Class VII at TOS connect with the Warkaris
"Class VII students of The Orchid School met the Warkaris on 26/06/2019.They distributed food and water to the Waris. It was impressive to see the students relate to their textbook lessons about Warkari tradition and listen to the abhangs they learnt from their Marathi teachers, directly from the Wari's. Hindustan Times - 27/06/2019.
Meeting the Warkaris.
July 2018
After connecting live with the 700-year-old Warkari sampradaya, students returned to the school with everlasting memories about this unique procession. There can’t be a better way to bring alive the philosophy of the school curriculum which is about integrative learning. Indian Express - 08-07-2018 and Times of India - 09-07-2018
Hindustan Times
June 26,2018
Its rightly said by Bernie Poole that "The school's best ally in the task of nurturing a student's innate 'urge to learn' is, first and foremost, the parents". We at Tos Pune hence, like to make a child's success a celebration and appreciation for parents too …….
Security of our children takes the top priority at TOS Pune
May 17,2018
Achievement by ex-Orchidian
TOS students win the first prize in the 2018 NASA Contest
Apr 4,2018
Students keep the Orchid School flag fly high! The Orchid team has bagged the 1st prize in the class IX large group category category on debut in the 2018 NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest - a worldwide competition held by NASA, National Space Society and the San Jose University. They presented a novel, innovative and futuristic space settlement design, named LOS Tara (LOS-Lunar Orbit Station, Tara-‘star’ in Hindi).
Jan 27,2018
Happy to share that The Orchid School has made it to this year's stellar list of Global Innovative Schools to receive the GISA 2018 Award. The Global Innovative School Awards signify an exemplary performance of the school in 5 areas - Impact, Academic Performance, Cultural Inclusion, Social Awareness and Use of Technology. Our Director, Lakshmi Di received this award on behalf of an exemplary team TOS team and extraordinary board PNES. The conference addressed a crucial theme of understanding the millennial and realigning the educational objectives. It was also an opportunity to meet many inspiring educationists and Young minds at BITS Dubai !
Our Director Lakshmi Kumar in an exclusive interview……
Dec 01,2017
The Orchid School believes in inclusive education and believes that, as a school we need to create and provide whatever is necessary to ensure that all students have access to meaningful learning. The curriculum of every board is good; it is the schools responsibility to make it creative. Tos Pune is fortunate to have a leader with a great vision like Lakshmi Di. Our Director Lakshmi Kumar in an exclusive interview……
Another feather in the cap!!
Nov 27,2017
Tos Pune bags the "Brainfeed School Excellence Award” for Community and Collaboration & Implementing Project Based Learning Methods - Among the Best CBSE Schools in Maharashtra ! The award ceremony was held on 27th November, 2017 at Pune, Koregaon Park. The award was received by Principal Ms Namrata Majhail and Vice Principal Ms Sangeeta Kapoor Congratulations Team!
Tos Pune features in the Top Inclusive Schools of India, 2017.
A moment of pride for ‘The Orchid School’, Pune. A well-deserved recognition for our team of special educators, who put every effort in understanding and helping the students with special needs.
The Orchid School hosts TEDx on "Youth Matters"
Aug 8,2017
The Orchid School hosts TEDx talk on "Youth Matters"
Our innovation initiatives are hitting the tabloid
Aug 5,2017
Two student innovators share their young India success story.
A visual treat brought to Orchidian's at The Orchid School by Dr Gowri Ramnarayan through her play "Dark Horse".
Nov 30, 2016
Stage to come alive with fictional tale of 2 writers.
The Orchid School is as one of the best schools in Pune under National Curriculum by Times School Survey
Nov 30, 2016
The Orchid School is ranked as one of the best schools in Pune for the curriculum it follows under the category of 'National Curriculum'.
The survey was conducted by the Times of India group.
Congratulations to TOS team !!!
The Orchid School organizes the Career Camp for students and parents so that they can make well-informed choices.
The Orchid School rejoices in the annual celebration of founder’s day
Aug 12, 2016
12th Founder’s Day celebration of The Orchid School, Pune
Aug 04, 2016
The Orchid School is ranked 2nd under National Curriculum by Times School Survey
Dec 01, 2015
The Orchid School is ranked 2nd for the curriculum it follows under the category of 'National Curriculum' in West Zone by Times School Survey, 2015
The survey was conducted by the Times of India group.
Congratulations !!!
Punekar News (Online publication)
Nov 03, 2015
Sakaal times reporters had talked to Jonathan about his participation in the National Karting Championship and the following article came out in the Sakaal times on the 11th of October.
Oct 29, 2015
Pillay strikes twice as Orchid School wins
Aug 26, 2015
Mysore se ayi woh..An unforgettable encounter with Raghu Dixit
Aug 18, 2015
Arnav Kalgutkar & Aditya Nebhrajani - Won Science and Technoogy Quiz Competetion
Jul 29, 2015
Won Science and Technoogy Quiz Competetion
3rd Best School
December 23, 2014
3rd Rank as Best School In Pune
School Leadership summit 2014
The Golden Sparrow
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The Orchid School Making of Heritage Fair 2014
In Loksatta News paper
August 14, 2014
Loksatta: In Pune Vrutant Page no. 3
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August 17, 2014
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August 26, 2014
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January 24, 2014
Orchid Heritage Fair
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October 14, 2013
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Founder's Day 2012
July 31, 2012
Times of India: On Founder's Day 2012 (With Sivamani)
Leader's Visit to TOS
February 10, 2012
Dr. Abdur Kalam's Visit to ORCHID School