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Tuesday - June 25, 2024
Chinese Samosa, Sauce

Mini Lunch: Bhendi Subji+Jeera Paratha+Salad

Full Lunch: Bhendi Subji+Jeera Paratha+rice+varan+Salad

Circulars : Event & Program Related
Event & Program Related - Current Year (2024-2025)
Event & Program Related - Previous Years
Circular Title
Grade V Students Shine in Creative Learning Showcase: Rhapsody Rock
Grade II students bring Rangotsav – Sab ka Saath, Sabhi Ke Saath: A Multilingual Learning Fair
The Golden Hour Making Learning Visible a transformative experience at TOS
TOS celebrates vibrant tapestry of 'Holi Ke Rang' at Grade I Multilingual Learning Fair
Grade V Students of TOS Shine with Electrifying Performance: "Maona - A Tale of Courage and Dream"
Pajama Party Extravaganza
Cancer Awareness Session by Dr. Shalaka Shimpi
Grade III students exploring birds through field trip.
Grade II students learning Road Safety through field trip: An enhanced experiential learning activity.
Nurturing Responsible Citizens: A Field Trip Adventure for Grade I Students to Supermarket
Fostering Cooperation and Independence: A Grade IV Night Out Camp
Exploring Entrepreneurship: A Visit to Ideas to Impacts Hub
Unveiling the Depths of History and Literature: Highlights from the Gokhale Institute Literary Festival
Fostering Financial Literacy: TOS Grade VII Students Celebrate Business City
A Walkathon for Walking Away from Diabetes: The Orchid School's Initiative for a Healthier Future
The Orchid School's Diabetes Awareness Campaign: Educating and Empowering the Younger generation about Lifestyle Disease.
Unveiling the World of Writing Careers: 'Penning Possibilities' Language Enrichment Session
Exploring Perspectives: The Orchid School's History Debate in Collaboration with Quantum Foundation
Culinary Adventure in Grade V: Students learn food preservation
Fun cooking day for Grade I students as they turn chefs for a day.
Exploring Dharavi: A Day Visit by The Orchid School Grade IX Students
Young Chefs: Grade IV Students Dive into Culinary Adventures
Visit to Archeological Museum to experience history connect.
Grade X students go for a field visit at CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
Nature Walk of Grade IV
National Mathematics Day
Khushi ka Bazaar: The power of Giving
TOS Alumni Meet: Nostalgia and Reconnections
The Orchid School’s Primary Domain School Celebrates Sports Day with Spectacular Displays of Talent
Celebrating Physical Fitness and Team Spirit: Orchid School's Sports Day Extravaganza
Embracing Visual Learning: Class 2 Showcases Knowledge at Multifaceted Learning Stations
Exploring Forces Through Aeroplane Flight: A STEAM Activity
Enhancing Learning through Visual Demonstrations: Class 1 Showcases Understanding with Interactive Stations
Project: Exploring the History and Geography of Indian Handlooms for Grades IX & X
Exploring Mental Health and Compassion: The Orchid School's Visit to Pratiti Mental Health Centre
Breaking Barriers and Fostering Awareness: The Orchid School's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
TOS Pune x GGIS Ahmedabad Exchange Program: Our Visit to Gems Genesis International School, Ahmedabad
Unveiling the Power of History: The Orchid School's History Club Inauguration
TOS celebrating World Mental Health Day
"Fun Cooking Day: Third-Grade Students Turn Chefs for a Day"
Class IV learning fair ‘Nagpanchami – Sarp Sahitya 2023’
Tedx Event
Empowering the Future: The Orchid School's Youth Summit
Higher Education Fair
Scholastic Author Visit - Mr. Ken Spillman
Educational Excursion to Ladakh for Grade X, XI, XII -2023/24
Orchid + Swadhaa | Learning from Ladakh, Gya -Brochure
Sweden India Exchange program 2023
The Andaman Study Tour: March ‘2023
Annual Awards Concept Note for Classes V to VIII
Business City Project- Class VII
Author’s Visit: Std III to V
Study Visit to Worli and Dharavi - Std IX - 2022/23
Field visit - Std XII - 2022/23
Visit to the Ideas to Impacts - 2022-2023
Learning from Ladakh for students of class XI and XII
Ladakh Educational tour brochure for students of class XI and XII
Founders' Day - Director's Message
Class VII - Warkari Project
Vocal Workshop and Concert : Berklee India Exchange in affiliation with The Orchid School - 7-8 Aug 2018
Berklee India Exchange In affiliation with The Orchid School presents The 5th Berklee Tandon Global Clinics
Awards for Performance in Academics - The Concept and the Process
Annual Award Ceremony for Classes IV & V for the Academic Year 2017-2018
Annual Award Ceremony for Classes VI to XII for the Academic Year 2017-2018
Independence Day
13th Founder's Day Celebration - August 5th - "Dark Horse"
13th Founder's Day Celebration - Youngistaani - Innovator's Conclave
13th Founder's Day Celebration - Students Performance Invite
Circular for Parent Orientation – Class I to XII
New Academic Session begins for Class X and Class XII
Important Information about Health Mela
Career Camp 2016 on Nov 12-13! Register now !!!