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Saturday - March 02, 2024
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Event & Program Related - Current Year (2023-2024)
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Pajama Party Extravaganza
Cancer Awareness Session by Dr. Shalaka Shimpi
Grade III students exploring birds through field trip.
Grade II students learning Road Safety through field trip: An enhanced experiential learning activity.
Nurturing Responsible Citizens: A Field Trip Adventure for Grade I Students to Supermarket
Fostering Cooperation and Independence: A Grade IV Night Out Camp
Exploring Entrepreneurship: A Visit to Ideas to Impacts Hub
Unveiling the Depths of History and Literature: Highlights from the Gokhale Institute Literary Festival
Fostering Financial Literacy: TOS Grade VII Students Celebrate Business City
A Walkathon for Walking Away from Diabetes: The Orchid School's Initiative for a Healthier Future
The Orchid School's Diabetes Awareness Campaign: Educating and Empowering the Younger generation about Lifestyle Disease.
Unveiling the World of Writing Careers: 'Penning Possibilities' Language Enrichment Session
Exploring Perspectives: The Orchid School's History Debate in Collaboration with Quantum Foundation
Culinary Adventure in Grade V: Students learn food preservation
Fun cooking day for Grade I students as they turn chefs for a day.
Exploring Dharavi: A Day Visit by The Orchid School Grade IX Students
Young Chefs: Grade IV Students Dive into Culinary Adventures
Visit to Archeological Museum to experience history connect.
Grade X students go for a field visit at CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
Nature Walk of Grade IV
National Mathematics Day
Khushi ka Bazaar: The power of Giving
TOS Alumni Meet: Nostalgia and Reconnections
The Orchid School’s Primary Domain School Celebrates Sports Day with Spectacular Displays of Talent
Celebrating Physical Fitness and Team Spirit: Orchid School's Sports Day Extravaganza
Embracing Visual Learning: Class 2 Showcases Knowledge at Multifaceted Learning Stations
Exploring Forces Through Aeroplane Flight: A STEAM Activity
Enhancing Learning through Visual Demonstrations: Class 1 Showcases Understanding with Interactive Stations
Project: Exploring the History and Geography of Indian Handlooms for Grades IX & X
Exploring Mental Health and Compassion: The Orchid School's Visit to Pratiti Mental Health Centre
Breaking Barriers and Fostering Awareness: The Orchid School's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
TOS Pune x GGIS Ahmedabad Exchange Program: Our Visit to Gems Genesis International School, Ahmedabad
Unveiling the Power of History: The Orchid School's History Club Inauguration
TOS celebrating World Mental Health Day
"Fun Cooking Day: Third-Grade Students Turn Chefs for a Day"
Class IV learning fair ‘Nagpanchami – Sarp Sahitya 2023’
Tedx Event
Empowering the Future: The Orchid School's Youth Summit
Higher Education Fair
Scholastic Author Visit - Mr. Ken Spillman
Educational Excursion to Ladakh for Grade X, XI, XII -2023/24
Orchid + Swadhaa | Learning from Ladakh, Gya -Brochure
Sweden India Exchange program 2023