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About School
National and International Collaborations

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in Sanskrit means, ‘The whole world is one single family’. And it is true, technology has brought the world closer, sitting in any part of the world; we can communicate within seconds with our friends, relatives, business associates, global partners. We are able to source out information on each and every topic, thanks to google.

In this present scenario, it is essential to be connected, develop new connections for sustainable growth and development. Our work can take us to any part of the world and in order to adjust to a new country and culture, it is necessary to be equipped with appropriate collaborative skills that make the transition a smooth process.

The vision of our school is to make every student a locally rooted and globally competent citizen of tomorrow. Our curriculum is designed for an integrated and experiential learning. One of the integral components of this learning is giving our students exposure to varied styles and methods of learning.

The child can learn best through interaction with their environment, surroundings, people, culture and traditions. And what better way to connect with people and culture than travel?

Travel broadens our horizons, helps us to explore and learn, gives different perspectives, and makes us confident and wise. We realized that Collaborative learning is the key to success for the future generation.

Keeping in tune with these objectives, we initiated various programs at the local, national and international levels.

Our twinning program with local municipal schools has the aim to sensitize our children to kids from other strata of society who are not so privileged. We hope that this endeavor of ours will build bridges of friendship and collaboration for the growth and development of our country.

The objective of our overnight rural camp is to give the kids a peek into our village life, governance, economy, efforts of the village people towards developing their youth, conserving the environment, contributing to the country’s progress.

National exchange programs with other schools in India are introduced with the objective of giving our students the opportunity to learn from their counter parts, adjust to people from other States and culture, and in the process learn more about our rich heritage in an interactive manner.

International exchange program has the similar objectives as the National one. However, it also adds an edge to the personality of a child in terms of confidence and knowledge. They develop independent thinking, can deal with problems logically, learn to take responsibility at an early age and learn life skills which will be an added advantage in their adult life for making choices and taking decisions.


The Orchid School has been coordinating a yearly exchange program called ‘Sweden-India – Sweden Teachers Exchange Program’ for Teachers since 2007. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between The Orchid School, Pune and ‘Donner Gymnasiet, Sweden’ (now, Guteskolan South) to conduct these exchange programs.

The Orchid School takes the responsibility of arranging, hosting and supervising their India visit. This exchange program has been initiated by our Director, Ms Lakshmi Kumar who is a certified cross cultural trainer and coordinator for the Swindia Project. She has been mentoring and coordinating the Social work student visits from leading universities such as ‘Orebro; and ‘Midsweden’ from Sweden.

In 2010, the exchange program was extended to the student community, under which 3 groups of students along with their teachers have visited our school. In 2012, the first batch of 18 students of grade X and 3 teachers visited Sweden.

These exchange programs have proved to be effective platforms to share pedagogical practices and methodologies. They also enable the students and the teachers to learn about the culture, traditions, customs, and value system of another country through living in host families.

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Exchange programs are important learning spaces for all. They provide excellent opportunities for our students to gain experiences, step out of comfort zones, widen their horizons, and adopt best practices, ground learning and much more.

In 2011, we began our National exchange program with Riverside School, Ahmedabad and Shishuvan School Mumbai. During the exchange, our students are usually accompanied by our teachers so as to facilitate the relevance of the experience, highlight the connections, provide the security and help bring the experience back to school spaces.

In 2012, we collaborated with ANET (The Andaman and Nicobar Environmental Team) an environmental non-governmental organization on the southern tip of South Andaman Island to conduct research programs towards understanding of the diversity, distribution, and ecology of the islands' fauna and flora.

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Collaboration - Regional and Local

At a local level, our collaboration is with projects so as to enhance our learning program, provide for different, enriching experiences and broaden our horizons. This may involve our stepping into another space or opening our doors to others.