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Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal Policy

  • This process is effective only through written communication in the form of an application.
  • Telephonic messages/ Verbal communication or an email will not be considered authentic.
  • Written application to be given before the due date of school fees to the school office.
  • Transfer Certificate form to be filled which is given from school office and should be duly signed by both the parents as signed at the time of admission.
  • If the parent is a single parent/ any legal case pending/ a decree etc. submission of relevant documents is mandatory.
  • Without the appropriate documents, the school leaving certificate will not be processed.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued subject to clearance of all dues as per school policy

Grade I to X - Refund of Fee: The refund of fees will be as per the school policy mentioned below-

Condition Refund
One-time Admission Fee Amount of Fee Instalment
If student has not attended the school even for a day after taking admission (This is applicable for the admission taken at any time of the academic session) 50% of one-time admission fee The fee will be refunded after deducting the TLM amount.
If student has attended even a single day after taking admission No refund No refund

Grade XI and XII - Refund of Fee:

The refund of fees will be as per the school policy mentioned below:

  • In all situations, at any given point of time, if withdrawal of admission takes place (before or after session begins) there is no refund applicable, be it provisional admission or confirmed admission.

  • If the student is leaving the school after the session commences for the academic year, then he/she must pay any outstanding fees of the instalments applicable for the period.

Processing of Transfer Certificate:

  • The Transfer Certificate Form once certified as ‘No Dues’ from Class Teacher, Library, Accounts Office and Administration Department, is further processed for producing the ‘Transfer Certificate’ within 10 school office working days.

  • If the withdrawal of admission is applied after the due date of school fees, the parent is liable to pay the respective installment and late fee if applicable and only then the withdrawal application is taken for further process.

  • If you apply for withdrawal after payment of school fees and the child has attended the school in that quarter even for a day, then there would be no refund for the same.