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Tuesday - June 25, 2024
Chinese Samosa, Sauce

Mini Lunch: Bhendi Subji+Jeera Paratha+Salad

Full Lunch: Bhendi Subji+Jeera Paratha+rice+varan+Salad

About School

Our Approach To Evaluation/ Assessment

Our curriculum responds to the learners’ needs in terms of their whole personality development. Necessary inputs are planned and provided to bring about changes in their personal and social behaviour besides developing in them the scholastic and co curricular aspects.

With a view to provide feedback for further improvement, some kind of assessment or evaluation becomes essential. The relevance, reliability and validity of the evaluation procedures determine the quality of feedback, which has to be derived for ensuring qualitative improvement among learners.

With the above focus in mind, The Orchid School has developed an evaluation package that has the following principles:

  • Evaluation is done in cooperative spirit.
  • Evaluation is participatory and transparent.
  • The fear of external examinations, settled in the minds of children from a very tender age, is minimised.
  • Continuous evaluation is done through keen observations
  • Periodical assessment of learning to diagnose the areas of competencies and difficulties for arranging special instructions.
  • Comprehensive evaluation to take a holistic view of learners’ progress covering scholastic, personality and co curricular aspects.
  • Inter learner comparisons is minimised.
  • The evaluation process is demystified and made transparent by taking parents into confidence.
  • The communication of the outcomes is in a positive manner, which in turn encourages learners to face this process readily rather than taking it as an imposed ordeal.
  • Graded and age appropriate evaluation tools to restore the spirit of the process.