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Thursday - July 25, 2024
Circular : Policy Related
Intelligent Surveillance System – IS2

Intelligent Surveillance System – IS2

TOS introduced the security surveillance system in 2018 as an effort  towards providing a secure environment for the students.  This security Surveillance System is developed by ‘Amdaya Technologies Private Limited’.

Chronological Order of the ratification and decision of implementing IS2 can be read through the link  http://www.theorchidschool.org/Circular/article/ 1392 

Please note some important details related to the functionality of the system-

·         Students to wear the ID card everyday and throughout the day in the school premises.

·         If the students come without wearing the ID card then they will be requested to wait in the office and parents will be asked to drop the ID card in school.

·         Speak to your child and help him/her understand the importance of the ID card and the reason to wear it.

·         Parents will get the notification when the child enters or leaves the premises.

·         These notifications will be available on the mobile application which parents can download from the Play Sore / App Store using the link given below or directly search in the App Store/ Play Store for IS2 Parents -

·         For iOS



·         For Android



The Application has following features:


Attendance: Parents can view the real time attendance of their ward.


Escort Management:

·         For Managing Escort related information. The details of person assigned to pick up the child from school is reflected here.

·         The child will not be handed over to any person whose information is not shared with the school.

·         In case of new person is supposed to come to pick up the child, parents can upload the person’s details along with the photograph through the app.


Early Pickup Request:

·         If parent need to pickup the child earlier on a specific day considering the school policy, this feature can be used to request an early pickup.

·         The child will be given permission to leave only once proper approval is taken.

·         Considering the school policy in specific situations if the child has to be picked up early then parents have to use the



·         Notifications such as entry and exit of the child, pickup related, activation/deactivation of an escort etc. will be received through the mobile app only.


Holiday Calendar: The holiday calendar for the child will be visible.


Profile: Parents can View/Update their profile.



·         The information on the ID card is that the school has in its record and also reflected in Report Bee.

·         If the ID card is lost then the fine of Rs. 1095 inclusive of all taxes, will be charged to get the new one.

·         In future if any of the information given in the ID card has to be updated then the formal mail should be sent to the office.

·         It will take minimum three days to update or issue a new ID card. Till the new card is issued child will be issued a temporary ID Card from the school office.

·         Amount of Rs. 50 will be charged to update the information on the card.

·         The students who go by the private transport will be handed over to the person (escort) authorized by the parents and the information has been shared with the school.