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Circular No. TOS/FRO/CIR/MS/11-12/3

Date: 20th June 2011

Invitation for TOS-PTA Annual General Body Meeting

Subject: Election of Parent representatives for TOS PTA for academic year 2011-12

Dear Parents (STD I to IX),

At the start of the new academic year 2011-2012, we invite  Parents of Classes I to IX for the  ‘Annual  General  Body  Meeting’ (GBM) and  for the   election  of  ‘Parent  Representatives from each section for TOS –PTA for this academic year on :

Day & Date:   2nd July 2011, Saturday

Time:  4.00 p.m.

Venue:  The Orchid School, Auditorium

Agenda of the meeting:  

  • Election and formation of  PTA executive committee for the academic year 2011-12 

To this effect, we have sent an invite to the Deputy Director’s office requesting for sending an Education officer for observation. This meeting is planned with inputs from the current PTA members. PTA members have discussed and finalized the election process (voluntary nomination from parents of each section of classes 1 to 9 and if more than one member, on the spot lottery system to select the member. It was decided that we send this invitation along with the highlights of the GR on PTA formation so you come well informed for the election.

Please make it a point to attend the GBM so that there is fair representation for all classes, all divisions and all levels.

Given below are some highlights and guidelines by the State Govt. for the formation and functioning of the school PTA -

  •  Every parent of the student in the school will be member of the Association.
  •  Parents – Teachers Association will be formed within 30 days from the start of the each academic year of the Government recognized aided, non aided primary/secondary schools.
  • 3) On formation of the Parent – Teacher Association, election for executive committee of the Association should be held in democratic way. Therefore, notice of such meeting should be given one week before of such meeting.
  • 4) Education officer/ Education Inspector will ensure the election of the Executive Committee will be held in democratic way.
  • 5) There should be one member from the backward community and 50 percent of the members should be women.
  • 6) List of members of executive committee of the Parent-Teachers Association should be placed notice  on  duly board give school  and copy of the member and Executive committee should be sent to concern E.O/E.I. within 15 days from the formation of the committee.
  • 7) Term of the Parent  Teachers Association should be for a period of one academic  year  and  no  parent / teacher can become member  of the Committee within five years since his election to the Executive Committee.
  • 8) Executive committee will meet once a month.
  • 9) Duties  of the  Parents  Teacher  Association  are  as  follows –

1. Help  School  in any  events  outside  and  beyond standard school  functions such as :  organizing intra school quiz competitions, science fair, community outreach, teacher  appreciation event etc.

2. Work with the Parent  Volunteer System  to plan  and provide  above  activities  and class  room activities  that  support  lesson  plans  given  to the students.

3. Provide an  “ear”  to the issues  concerning  the parent body at large and take it up  with  School Management  for  satisfactory resolution.

4. Solicit  new  ideas  and suggestions from  the parent  body to help  enhance  the overall and all round  education  experience  and work  with TOS for review  and  implementation  of the  same.

5. Elected parents will communicate relevant activities and current issues of the school to the parents at large via circular or post it on the TOS Website.

6. Build a sense  of community  at  school  through  increased  and sustained  parental  participation and  involvement  in school events.

7. Foster a relationship between parents, teachers, school management and Board of Trustees.

Looking forward to seeing you in large numbers.


Prepared by                                                                                       Approved by

Ms.Shilpa Solanki                                                                                Ms. Lakshmi Kumar

Principal                                                                                                                   Director