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Annual Day :- Principal's Speech

Annual Day Speech 2012 – 13

A warm welcome to all sitting here this evening – board members, colleagues, guests, parents and dear children to the ninth Annual Day.

Thank you Sanjana and Shantanu for giving us an overview of last academic year. While you touched upon the highlights and special events, we know each day had its own spice and flavour which made it a year it was.  

2012 – 13 was a historical year. We crossed an important milestone - our first batch of Class X gave their CBSE board exam. Nine years ago, it was a distant dream, today a reality. While we are happy to see them grow into confident young adults ready to take on life, we miss them immensely.   

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution. Effort in preparing and class X has been intensive and we await the results eagerly. We are positive that the students will do us proud.

The statistics of the school based result section which is 70% sounds like this – Out of 42 students in class X – we have 28 in A1 grade which is between 91 – 100 percent (that’s more than 50% of the total number), 14 in A2 which is between 81 – 90 percent and 12 in B2 between 61 – 70 percent. The rest 30 % will be defined by the board exam. So we are already expecting 100% result. The next batch will follow suit, we know.

The last year saw varied events and happenings that touched us, inspired us and taught us. All year through the whole school team continued to put efforts towards quality improvement in every aspect of our work. We set standards and goals for ourselves and strived to achieve them – be it in the area of academics, sports, events, discipline, leadership, management systems and more.

Our school completed re – registration of ISO 9001:2008 in April 2012. This validated that the processes and systems match the standards set.

The last year also had its own share of challenges and disappointments.(especially in the case we had on child sexual abuse). This experience has undoubtedly disturbed us, but we all had lessons to learn from it. While the passage was tough, the end of the struggle will be satisfying because the choices and decisions were based on principles that were morally, ethically and legally right.  

Each year lays the foundation for ideas and improvement in the year to come. The coming year is promising and defining too. So it is time to move on…

The enrolment figures for students at the point stand at a total of 1133. We had 148 new admissions and 48 withdrawals. Staff status continues to be stable – The total staff strength is 132 – with 75 teaching staff , 28 admin staff and 29 service staff.  All teaching staff at Orchid meets the professional requirements for teaching. We had 15 resignations all together.

We are approaching our 10th year of school – a decade soon. Time truly flies. It is time to consolidate and reiterate the principles, values and beliefs TOS stands for. This sentiment resonates in the school calendar this year as the theme of the year.

We have laid down tiny achievable tangible tick able targets (we call them TATTs) for every level and department which will be reviewed and reflected up on as we go along year.

The spirit and essence get captured in the 10 commandments we have penned down for us. To put all of them in a nutshell, I would like to emphasize on one main here today–

Our focus this year will be on increasing our level of responsibility and accountability – this is both for our students and us teachers. The performance you will soon see is based on this thought as well.

Our effort will be to develop intrinsic motivation is students, move to more and more students led activities by which we can promote internal locus of control without needing constant push and pull from adults.  Being responsible in their words, actions and the work they do.

We need to train our kids to take charge and trust that they will – let them be responsible for their success and failure.

As adults we need to emulate the same and show them the path– accept responsibility to achieve our goals. We need to lead by example. What children most learn from us is our attitudes, values and perception.

This is the message we need to give collectively.

In all of these efforts we will need our parents to partner with us at all levels. After all holistic education of our students is our common goal.

I must sincerely thank each stake holder for their unrelenting support and hope that they will continue to support in our small and big endeavours.

The school has carved a niche for itself among the cluster of educational institutions in the city and country and will continue to spread it wings far and wide.

As our journey continues, we take on new challenges, new solutions and new heights. We know ideas will be born, to be discarded, to be adopted, to succeed and to triumph.

But we shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will arrive where we started and know that place for the very first time.

May the force be with us as we go on…

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