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It is important to be a good teacher or a good administrator or a good leader of a specific class, division, level, domain, function or a subject.

It is more important to be a “good employee” of the whole system, the Orchid Organisation. 

Good Employee, in addition to doing a “ good job” also inspires the colleagues, emulates the philosophy of the organization, raises to the occasion, fits in comfortably to the role given by the organization, goes beyond the definitions of one’s given job description and above all stands for a higher cause.

Each domain has a unique core competence for which the member is primarily employed and that becomes the core component for the selection. However soft skills and other special abilities add flesh to the plate. Hence you will find “ look fors” including the above.

 All employees need feedback, recognition, acknowledgement in some concrete, visible form that distinguishes the extra ordinary from the ordinary. The intent is to recognize and reward as many good performing employees as possible.  The aim is to make sincere, transparent, well -informed, smooth and democratic process to choose the candidates.

TOS Staff award system works under 2 major categories  

  1. Employee Award 
  2. Teacher Performance Award 
1.  TOS Employee Award :

The Categories under this are as follows:

I. Administrative category( those who  have mostly administration oriented tasks, teaching may be in the form of PP or skill building but not a core job description )

II.Service staff Category – All full time and part time service staff (includes maushis , mausha  and security.)

III.Teaching category - Self-explanatory . The first three are class teachers while the 4th one is for all subjects including languages, computers, LSO, PE etc.

Under this category, 4 awards  -

  1. Pre-primary
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary
  4. Subject 

All Staff vote for their choice of candidate in all seven categories.   

In each category, the employee who gets the highest votes will get a certificate and a medal. If there is a tie, both members will get the certificate and medal.

In each category, the members who get second highest votes will get a certificate.

Look Fors:
For Teaching staff (Pre-primary includes assistant teachers and their level subject teachers, Primary, Secondary, Subject teachers)

  • Enhances the teaching-learning process using varied teaching techniques
  • Reacts with maturity in any given situation
  • Supports co-curricular activities and volunteers beyond domain
  • Demonstrates positive and professional attitude
  • Exhibits teamwork and cooperates in any given situation
  • Communicates with respect and clarity
  • Caters to the different needs of the learners
  • Executes tasks efficiently
  • Friendliness and helpful attitude  towards students and peers
  • Demonstrates subject competency

For administrative staff with no major teaching assignment or no teaching
Administrative staff

  • Displays a deep understanding of duties/responsibilities

  • Demonstrates positive and professional attitude

  • Is reliable and dependable

  • Exhibits teamwork and cooperates in any given situation

  • Responds and reacts with maturity in any given situation

  • Communicates with respect and clarity

  • Completes task on time

  • Demonstrates a proactive approach stretching beyond the given role.

  • Friendliness and helpful attitude towards staff

For Service staff

  • Takes instructions and executes it well.
  • Demonstrates positive and professional attitude.
  • Shows a deep understanding of duties/responsibilities.
  • Exhibits teamwork – cooperation and respect for other’s work and opinions
  • Completes work in allotted time.
  • Agrees to take on duties outside the domain.
  • Communicates clearly and respectfully with children, parents and other  staff.
  • Friendliness and helpful attitude towards students and staff.

Teacher Performance Award.

This award only goes to the teachers who have TOP scores in the Performance Appraisal of their domain.

The scores are calculated based on the marks received in the Performance Appraisal. The breakup of the score weightage is as follows
  • Unit Head/Coordinator score – gets 70 %
  • Self gets 30%    
The categories for Teacher Performance award are-
  • Pre - Primary (Main) Teacher
  • Primary Teacher
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Subject Teacher Primary
  • Subject Teacher Secondary
In each category, only the TOP PA scorer will get a certificate.

If there is a tie in this level then only UH score will decide the best of the two. If UH score for both are the same then both members will get the certificate.

If the same teacher gets elected best employee and awarded for Teacher performance, there will be no tampering and she/he will receive both awards.

The results for the year 2014-15 were-







Service Staff


Ashwini Mate

Reeny George

Monika Gupte

Parag Sonawane

Preeti Gokhale

Savita J


Janhavi Mudur Shilpa Garge

Anindita Ghoshal

Sangeeta Kapoor

Santosh Waingade

Savita Zori

          Arti Gawde

We believe that the most powerful and ample resource for change in education is teachers' own expertise. With this in mind and in the endeavor of recognizing more individuals with core skills of teaching competency, the Unit heads nominated one teacher each from within their domain.

The results of this were-


Teacher nominated


Ashwini Mate


Payal Shrivastava

Primary Subject Teacher

Mansi Nigam


Ashwini Shah

Secondary Subject Teacher

Neha Shrivastava

Co-scholastic Subject Teacher

Priya Shriram

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