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Holidays : December 2017

  • 26 Vacation begins for Students & Staff -Std.I-VIII

Events : December 2017

  • 13 Science Quiz -Round 3-Std.III-VIII
  • 14 IMO-Std.III-XII (Optional)
  • 15 Chefs at Work -Std.IV
  • 16 Unit Test-II-Std.XI Ends
  • 16 Inter-class Matches Finals-Std.V
  • 16 Working day for students-Std.VI-XII
  • 18 Math Concept Check-Std.III-X
  • 19 Field Trip-Std.V
  • 19 Newspaper Publishing-Std.III
  • 20 Assembly Presentation-Std.VI Peach
  • 21 Assembly Presentation-Std.I Blush
  • 22 Christmas Party -Std.I-V
  • 22 Full day for students-Std.I-X
  • 23 Working day for students -Std.VI-XII
  • 23 Sports DaySecondary & Sr. Secondary
  • 26 Working day for students-Std.IX-XII
  • 27 Working day for students-Std.IX-XII
  • 28 Cycle Revision Test-Std.XII ends
  • 28 Working day for Students-Std.IX-XII

Trainings : December 2017

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Tuesday - December 12, 2017
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Appe Chutney

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Veg Hyderabadi
Green Peas Pulav

Please Note: Chapati will be available on the days we have rice as calendared menu. The other gravy/ dal/ salad/ raita etc will still remain the same.
Employee Awards

Awards-the Concept and the Process

We believe that efforts, talents and achievements need to be recognized, noticed, acknowledged and honored. Awards are seen not only as a “prize” for the outcome, but an appreciation and a celebration of the journey that took them towards this destination.

The categories of awards reflect the Orchid ethos of recognizing each child’s innate potential, acknowledging that areas of excellence and talent are diverse and equally significant .These awards are envisioned to be effective tools to reiterate to the students that the more effort and contribution they put in, the more they will get out of it in the end. We are doing our best to acknowledge and recognize those pupils who deserve to be rewarded and we also hope that this would motivate others as it is setting achievable goals for them.

Awards for which level and why?

Awards are for the Upper Primary, Secondary and Sr. Secondary School. At this age children show readiness to accept and acknowledge their accomplishments. They are aware of their abilities and set targets to aim higher.

The awards are distributed ceremoniously to bring in the essence of success. The students are awarded during the Award Ceremony where the parents are also invited.

The school recognizes both Scholastic and Co - scholastic areas and commendable effort put in by the student.


Every year, each child who achieves Outstanding scores (above 90%in Secondary & Sr. Secondary Classes) and in Primary Classes (90% and above) in any language and (95% and above) in Math, Science and Social Science (Annual result – Term 1 + Term 2) will receive a certificate for “Outstanding Performance in ____________________ (subject)”.

The students who achieve Outstanding scores in all subjects will get a Certificate of Excellence and a trophy..

The certificate for “Commendable Progress in Academics ___________” [subject] will be awarded to a student when he/she shows an improvement in his/her performance from SA I to SA 2 (25% and above).

Perfect Score: A certificate of appreciation and a medal for achieving 100% marks in one or more subject in either SA I and / or SA II.

Scholastic Awards grid


Scholastic Areas

Awards / Certificates


1or 2 subjects

Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in ____________)


3/4/5 subjects (Classes IV – VIII)

3/4 subjects (Class IX to XII)

Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in Academics) + 1 small trophy


All subjects (Classes IV– XII) *


Special Certificate (Excellence in Academics) + 1 big trophy


100% in SA I / SA II

Special Medal for each subject (Perfect Score) + Certificate of Excellence

(Distinguish performance in ______)



Maximum Attendance

Appreciation Certificate


Commendable Performance(25% and more increase from SA I to SA II)

Achievement Certificate

(Commendable Progress in_____)

* For Classes V to VIII the Composite Marathi and Composite German will be considered together as one subject for all categories of award even though the assessment is done separately. The average of both the composite subjects will be taken to consider for the award.


These awards will be given to 1 student each from Class IV and V, and one each from Secondary (Junior group - VI & VII) and Secondary (Senior Group - VIII, IX, X). To select students who are deserving of this award, subject teacher gives feedback and nominates 3 students, based on parameters derived from CCE criteria. A panel of all significant adults along with the subject teachers then selects one student. The ultimate decision would be based on a democratic process.

The various categories of awards are:

  • Dance- 1 award each for Bharatnatyam and Contemporary.
  • Music – 1 award each for Western and Indian music
  • Percussion – 1 award each for Drums and Tabla.
  • Visual Arts – 1 award
  • Sports- An award each for Football, Cricket, Basketball, Dodgeball, Athletics- For Secondary and Sr. Secondary School Students it is given during the Sports Day.
  • For Primary School Students it is given one from each level (Class IV & V).

Co -Scholastic Awards grid


Co Scholastic Areas (for Classes VI – X)

Awards / Certificates


1 for each option-Junior and Senior-(Fine Arts - Music) (nominated  by teacher)

1 Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in _______________)+ trophy


1 for each option- Junior and Senior-(Fine Arts - Dance) (nominated  by teacher) 

1 Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in _______________) + trophy


1 for each option- Junior and Senior- (Visual Arts) (nominated  by teacher)

1 Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in _______________) + trophy


1 for each option - Junior and Senior- (Percussion) (nominated  by teacher)

1 Achievement Certificate (Outstanding Performance in _______________) + trophy

Other Awards

The Maximum attendance award – It will be awarded to students who have maximum attendance during an academic year.

  • For Classes I to III the Appreciation Certificate is given during assembly time before the Award Ceremony.
  • For Classes IV to XII the certificate is given during Award Ceremony.

Appreciation Certificate- is an award that celebrates child’s efforts, initiative or achievement in any task that the child has worked towards. It is open-ended in its scope, is applicable as many times, as often as required for varied personal goals achieved.  This award has been conceived so as to demonstrate appreciation and acknowledgement of each child’s potential. This award can be given by any staff, and is not restricted to the class teacher.

Employee Performance Awards for the year 2015-16

Best Teacher Award




Sr. Secondary

1.Sarbani Moitra



2. Rutika Kadam

Runner Up


Secondary School

1. Anindita Ghosal


2. Rinku Goyal

Runner Up

Pre-Primary & Primary School-


1. Monica Desai          


2. Meenal Narvekar

Runner Up


Pre-Primary & Primary Subject Teacher

1. Anjali Bapat




2. Purnima Karhade                 

Runner Up

Secondary Subject Teacher

1. Anusree Menon



2 Marita Cleetus

Runner Up

Co-Scholastic Teacher

1. Swapnil Londhe


2. Parag Sonawane

Runner Up

Employee Award




Administrative Department

1. Pravin Gaikwad


2. Preeti Gokhale

Runner Up



1. Prakash Salvi

Runner Up



Service Staff Academic

1. Arti Gawade


2. Gauri Kore

Runner Up

Service Staff Admin

1. Navnath Dimble



2. Chetan Medhe

Runner Up