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  • 28 Semester Exam II begins - STD III and IV
  • 28 Final Exam Begins - STD V - VII
  • 28 Academic Report Release for Final Exam - STD VIII,IX and XI
  • 30 Class Orientation and Book Collection - Std IX - XII

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PTA GBM Meeting
Minutes of the PTA GBM minutes 2017 - 18

Minutes of the PTA (GBM) Meeting

Date: 10th June 2017
Venue: The Orchid school Auditorium
Agenda: Formation of PTA Executive Committee for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018
Members Present :
School Representatives :
  1. Ms. Lakshmi Kumar – Director and the Board Representative
  2. Ms. Namrata Majhail – Principal, Ex- Officio Secretary
  3. Ms. Sangeeta Kapoor – Vice Principal
  4. Mr. Ganesh Phule– Admin Unit Head
  1. PTA executive members 2016 – 2017 – Ms. Hema Patel
  2. Parents – Classes I to X
Minutes of the Meeting:
  1. Ms. Namrata Majhail, Principal as the ex- officio Secretary of PTA, conducted the PTA – GBM and welcomed all the members present. She announced the agenda for the meeting.
  2. Ms. Namrata Majhail gave an overview about the PTA body to all the parents. A presentation was shown to take them through the objective of PTA, roles and responsibilities of the members, process and selection procedures of the PTA executive body.
  3. The members present were informed about the expectations from the members, frequency of the meetings and the termination policy of the member.
  4. The introduction to various committees was given and the overview of each of the committee’s responsibilities and the involvement of the PTA member was explained.
  5. The lead member from the previous year committee Ms. Hema Patel has shared her experience as a member. Few other members too have shared their experiences in terms of their involvement in making decisions, fee fixation, etc.
Election of incoming PTA Executive Committee:
    • The PTA Executive Committee selection happened through parents volunteering at all levels from Class I to X. If there were more than one volunteer, then name was picked by lottery system. The selection and formation of incoming committee happened in a democratic fashion under the purview of all norms.
    • The ratio of 50% male and 50% female was maintained while forming the committee.

    The newly selected members are as follows:

  1. Class I – Ms. Gargi Singh
  2. Class II – Mr. Sourabh Khanna
  3. Class III – Ms. Rashmi
  4. Class IV – Ms. Sayali Shende
  5. Class V– Mr. Hardik Desai
  6. Class VI – Mr. Sudhir Patil
  7. Class VII – Mr. Sandeep Gajanan Diwan
  8. Class VIII -Ms. Snehal Chaudhari
  9. Class IX – Mr. Vishwas Kulkarni
  10. Class X – Ms. Apurva Avasthi
One lead PTA member from the old committee is:
    Class IX Beige– Ms. Hema Patel

    • The second name from each class level was also selected for future substitution if in case of any withdrawal of members.
    • The names of second members are as below-

  1. Class I – Mr. Pravin Menghani
  2. Class II – Ms. Rakhi Rajput
  3. Class III – Mr. Girdhari Lal
  4. Class IV – Mr. Abhijeet Marathe
  5. Class V– None
  6. Class VI – Mr. Vikram Jain
  7. Class VII – Dr. Manjiri Deshpande
  8. Class VIII - Mr. Arun Jain
  9. Class IX- None
  10. Class X – None
STD I to X – Level wise PTA Teacher representatives are as follows:
  1. Class I - Amarpreet Kotkar
  2. Class II - Ashwini Gokhale
  3. Class III - Snehal Welde
  4. Class IV - Reeny Gorge
  5. Class V - Sienna Fernandes
  6. Class VI - Anjali Raghuram
  7. Class VII - Smitha Arun
  8. Class VIII- Rajendra Awale
  9. Class IX – Lakshmi Vedagiri
  10. Class X - Nutan Sinha
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks.