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TEDx organised by TOS
06/08/2017 00:00
Sep 11, 2017

To organise and open a TEDx event under The Orchid School banner is a great honour we have been given! TEDxTheOrchidSchool: “Youth Matters;Youth Matters” was held on August 6th 2017. The Orchid School, Pune was proud to host a diverse and talented line up of speakers who shared their stories, exemplifying what we believe to be the 'core youth matters' as of today.

TEDx Teaser 1
Sep 11, 2017
TEDx Teaser 2
Sep 11, 2017
Ms Lakshmi Kumar on Youth Matters - TEDxTheOrchidSchool
Sep 8, 2017
The Reverse Migration: From the virtual world to reality | Bhooshan Shukla | TEDxTheOrchidSchool
Sep 8, 2017
Method or madness to becoming a young entrepreneur. | Rohini Unnikrishan | TEDxTheOrchidSchool
Sep 8, 2017
"reallives" to Real Lives | Parag Mankeekar | TEDxTheOrchidSchool
Sep 8, 2017
Mr Varun Venkit, Founder/Director, TAAL INC speaks on "Effect of music on young adults"
Sep 8, 2017
06/08/2017 00:00